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If you are interested in a specific product and are wondering about the texture, I have included the main ingredient of each coverage in the list below so that you can look for it in your pantry or your local health food store to test yourself how it feels and looks on your skin in your unique climate. You may also want to make sure it agrees with your skin if you are sensitive. This has been helpful for my clients who live on the opposite side of the world and would like to skip purchasing samples first. It is important to note that the true textures are impossible to capture in videos and photos. I only show swatches so my clients can see the colour and saturation level. Just keep in mind that some butters and oils on the market are not the real deal. If they are not 100% pure, the texture will be different. For example, you may think you are sensitive to coconut oil, but it is not 100% coconut oil, or it is the chemicals an ingredient was processed with that you are reacting to. Source matters.

coconut bb cream – coconut oil texture

mango bb balm – mango butter texture

coconut bb balm – coconut oil texture

concealing cream – cacao butter texture

shilajit bio-foundation – clay texture

tamanu dewy cream – cacao butter texture

chia + astaxanthin + seabuckthorn souffle – cream-to-gel texture

molecular hydrogen + sugarcane serum + shade-changers – squalane oil texture

raspberry + soursop serum + shade changers – raspberry oil texture

choose your own texture with my cream coverage and colour


coconut bb cream – this was my second coverage I whipped up almost two decades ago. It is very brightening, due to the raw coconut base (and the coconut being white), so you may find that you need to go a shade darker than you would with the other coverage formula shades. The texture of this coconut bb cream is hydrating but matte and the coverage level is medium but easily buildable. Even though the texture is more on the matte side, it sits on the surface of the skin and lends a soft glow. If you like the texture of the coconut-based concealing hdd formula, you may like this similar texture. Yet, the coconut concealing hdd is more of a balm, and this has more of a coconut whip feel. I still always recommend the coconut-based concealing hdd around the eyes as it is non-creasing. To increase the staying power I recommend pairing this coverage with shilajit bio-foundation. I like to use my fingers to apply this product to warm it up so it glides onto the skin. You can also apply it with my smooth things over brush.

mango bb balm – this used to be my most richly hydrating coverage. my new coconut balm is just as intensely moisturizing. If you are looking for the least ingredients, go try my new coconut bb balm. This mango bb balm is perfect for mature skin and extra-dry skin types. This formula offers the maximum level of coverage and the base has the most colour to it so some clients find they need to go a shade lighter or half a shade lighter with a custom blend formula. If you like my coconut-free concealing hdd you will like the texture of this foundation and vice versa. It pairs well with my shilajit bio-foundation too. I like to use my fingers to apply this product to warm it up so it glides onto the skin. You can also apply it with my smooth things over brush.

coconut bb balm – the coverage and the texture of this newest balm it is equal to my mango bb balm. Other than the ingredients, the difference is that the mango bb balm has a more ‘high beam’ glow and the coconut bb balm is more of a ‘low beam’ glow. Although this balm is also very hydrating it is not as richly hydrating as the mango bb balm. This formula is wonderful for anyone who needs maximum coverage for scars, hyperpigmentation, and redness, while also being perfect for someone going through healing from cystic acne or any type of skin injury. Coconut oil has antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antimicrobial properties so it restores skin’s perfect microbiome.

concealing cream – like my coconut bb cream, this coverage formula is more brightening than the others, roughly about half a shade brighter than the mango bb balm, which has the most colour to it due to the peachy-coloured raw mango butter base. Please keep in mind that if you order the same shade, whether custom or ready-to-wear of the different coverages, you will notice a different colour effect for each due to the natural undertones of the different plant butters. You may find that you need to go a shade darker than you would with the other coverage formula shades. This formula is perfect for brightening around the eyes or to custom camouflage areas of the face that require maxium coverage. The original coconut base version is more of a matte cream texture, while the coconut-free is more creamy.

shilajit bio-foundation – this is my loose powder foundation and it has medium to full coverage. It is seamless and feather light and works best my cream coverage options for the best longevity of your makeup and water-resistance. You can also use these shades as loose powder eyeshadows and contour shades. I like to sprinkle a small amount in my palm and lightly tap this coverage onto skin with my fingers but my work it out brush works great too. This product adheres best when layered over a cream coverage. It can also be layered over my coconut cream, raspberry elixir, or your favourite moisturizer or primer.

tamanu dewy hdd – I created this full coverage texture for those looking for a liquid foundation. It is a creamy texture that melts into a liquid upon application. It smells delicious, like chocolate chip mint icecream.. You can request that it be peppermint essential oil free if you are sensitive. The formula is wonderful for all skin types but it is especially beneficial for post laser and post treatments where healing of the skin is required. It is also the perfect formula for those dealing with cystic acne and any type of skin disorder. It relieves pain and inflammation and speeds healing.

chia + astaxanthin + seabuckthorn souffle – this foundation has a cream to gel texture and feels like a second skin. It is full coverage with a matte finish. It has a cooling effect on the skin so it is great for hot flashes and water-resistant when it comes to humid climates. It is also a great choice for yoga teachers and any type of lifestyle that is very active. It pairs well with my concealing hdd and shilajit bio-foundation. This foundation can be applied easily with fingers or with my smooth things over brush if you prefer a brush.

molecular hydrogen + sugarcane serum + shade-changers – this coverage works just as well as skincare. It really brings the skin to life and even if it is not quite enough coverage, the skincare benefits are so great, you do not want to leave it out of your routine. The rollerball packaging provides sheer coverage but you can create more coverage with the amber glass dropper packaging option. with this coverage you also have the option of customizing the shade yourself by altering the undertones, texture, coverage, and depth. The shade-changers are optional though if you have already found your perfect shade. This is a plant-based squalane liquid coverage that feels feather-light on the skin. You will forget you have makeup on. Although it is still new, his coverage is quickly becoming a favourite with clients! t pairs well with my concealing hdd and shilajit bio-foundation.

raspberry + soursop serum + shade-changers – this serum is identical to my raspberry elixir but with coverage added..

choose your own texture with my cream coverage and colour

The texture customization options for my cream coverage and colours create subtle differences. Some notice in comparison but many do not. The most important thing is to choose an option that you know is an ingredient that agrees with your skin:

raw coconut butter formula – a rich, creamy texture with a glowy finish

sugarcane squalane formula – more of a lightweight cream than the raw coconut butter formula and most glowy finish of these formula choices

cold-pressed red raspberry formula – like sugarcane, this is more of a lightweight cream with a more subtle glow than the sugarcane squalane and raw coconut butter formula choices

extra-virgin olive fruit oil formula – a lightweight cream with a more matte finish than the above three choices

extra-virgin castor oil formula – cold-pressed and hexane-free, this formula is the most matte, powdery finish of these formula choices while still being hydrating

For my shade recommendations: custom colour palette suggestions




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