volume + length + nourishing mascara


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aloe vera juice*, argan oil*, extra-virgin olive fruit oil*, frankincense resin, rice bran*, arginine, cetyl alcohol, black iron oxide (CI 77499), propanediol, rosemary leaf extract, non-gmo tocotrienols sourced from rice bran solubles*..

*certified organic – extra-virgin cold-pressed – pesticide-free

shelf life – 1 year


For healthy, longer, and fuller eyelashes

I have whipped up a signature blend of the finest freshly picked organic ingredients into this feathery-soft mascara.

With the comforting creaminess of plant-based extracts and 100% pure cold-pressed argan and olive fruit oils, it contains the highest concentration of all-natural nutrition and fatty acids.

For all-day wear and beyond, this unique formula is perfect for sensitive eyes and short lashes. Gently nourish each eyelash from root to tip, delivering the essential nutrients your lashes truly benefit from.

  • To lengthen, hydrate & volumize eyelashes
  • Natural, organic, cruelty free, climate friendly
  • 8x more gentle than chemical based mascaras*
  • Smudge free, flake free, clump free formula
  • Provides 24 hours of moisture-rich coverage
  • PH balanced, does not sting or irritate eyes
  • Water resistant, repels water, sweat & tears
  • Soft, gentle, fragrance-free & hypoallergenic

application + the backstory

One or two coats provides a nice look and lengthens lashes without looking clumpy. The brush is just amazing! It combs through lashes, depositing product evenly and building volume and length.

One of my projects this summer when orders slowed down was to work on a mascara formula. As much as I feel I am winning with the newest formulas, my mascara formula has been a thorn in my side. I have been working on it for years and was just never happy with the final product. I guess I am extra picky when it comes to mascara. I wanted it to be squeaky clean as far as the ingredients + plant based. Most importantly it needed to be functional – very black, hydrating, volumizing, lengthening, and staying put all day (no breaking down of the formula with pieces falling below the eyelashes). I have never been able to tick off all the boxes though, so I was sometimes at my wit’s end. I would have to take a deep breath and just walk away from working on this formula. In stubborn protest, I wasn’t even wearing mascara, and I missed it. In the middle of the summer I was experimenting with a few different formulas I had whipped up when my air conditioning suddenly died. It was very hot at the time. There was one formula that seemed to be perfect (finally) and the ultimate test was when it held up through the week I lived in the tropics without ac. That mascara formula is now available online! What I personally love the most about it is the brush itself (shown above), secondly, that even though it contains only the cleanest, freshest ingredients, you can still achieve lush, dark lashes, and lastly that there is no fallout throughout the day. I have found that my raspberry elixir removes the mascara gently but easily at bedtime.