hair + body + face micellar juice cleanse


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    Essential oil blends Sourced from renewable & sustainable resources throughout the world. Cruelty-Free, and Vegan. My oils are free of SLS, SLES, PEGS, glycols, petrochemicals, and other harmful additives. The first four blends I created with a natural scent in mind. From my 'soothing and healing blend' on, I made the blends for for their effects on the nervous system, emotions, and physical healing purposes. Every plant oil has a long list of healing properties, even if you are only choosing it for the scent. Hover over the question mark to learn the health benefits you will receive from each blend.

    100% botanical perfume ingredients + description

    BASIL BLUE SAGE FRAGRANCE is a sophisticated and herbaceous scent that we love! top notes of rosemary, basil, sage and spearmint leaves blend with heart notes of cardamom, jasmine and lavender, along with a base of fir needle, copaiba balsam and patchouli to produce an aroma full of depth and vibrancy.

    BERGAMOT AND SANDALWOOD PERFUME is an incredible fresh scent with a little hint of warm spice that we love! top notes of bergamot, lime, sage and thyme blend with heart notes of nutmeg, ginger and lavender, along with a base of sandalwood, cedarwood, patchouli and vanilla to produce an aroma full of depth and vibrancy.

    BLACK CURRANT & VANILLA PERFUME is an elegant, fresh blend featuring fruity top notes of geranium, almond and peach, followed by gentle heart notes from coconut, clove, tea and rose, supported by refreshing base notes of patchouli, vanilla and juniper.

    JASMINE & CEDARWOOD PERFUME bursting with sweet aromas of lemon, lime and melon, harmonized with the floral richness of violet and jasmine heart notes, tied together with refreshing base notes of cedarwood and vanilla, this all natural fragrance oil takes you back to skipping through a field of flowers on a radiant summer day.

    LIME EUCALYPTUS MINT PERFUME featuring top notes of crisp eucalyptus and freshly squeezed lime, accompanied by spearmint and cedarwood, this all natural fragrance will give you the feeling of nature’s bliss.

    MARINE CYPRESS PERFUME is the perfect balance of invigorating and grounding, incorporating fresh top notes of pineapple, lemon and mint, accented by calming lavender, geranium, patchouli, and cedarwood.

    ORANGE & CACAO PERFUME is a comforting citrus aroma of sweet almond and orange top notes, complimented by the delicious richness of cocoa and vanilla.

    PEACH YOGURT PARFAIT PERFUME is a delicious and inviting scent that we think you will love! top notes of peach and banana blend with heart notes of jasmine, along with a base of vanilla cream and cedarwood to produce a mouthwatering aroma that is sure to delight.

    PINK HIMALAYAN SALT & NEEM PERFUME is an elegant scent that is perfect for your diy projects! top notes of bergamot, lime, lemon and grapefruit blend with heart notes of petitgrain and spearmint, along with a base of rosewood to produce an opulent aroma that is perfect all year long!

    PISTACHIO CREME PERFUME is a warm and sophisticated scent that we love! top notes of peach, sage and black cherry blend with heart notes of jasmine, geranium and rose, along with a base of almond milk to produce a nutty and creamy aroma that is sure to delight.

    ROSE VANILLA CEDARWOOD PERFUME is an elegant and sophisticated scent that we love! top notes of green clover leaf blend with heart notes of rose maroc and bois de rose, along with a base of sweet vanilla and cedarwood to produce a vibrant aroma that is full of depth and beauty.

    TURMERIC & ROSE PERFUME is a sophisticated scent that is perfect for your diy projects! top notes of petitgrain and lemon blend with heart notes of rose and geranium, along with a base of vanilla and rosewood to produce a refined and elegant aroma that is perfect all year long!

    CITRUS KISS PERFUME is a delicious and succulent aroma that is perfect for summer! top notes of citrus zest and pineapple blend with a base of creamy vanilla to produce an intriguing scent that is sure to delight! 

    ROSE BATH has calming accents of violet, rose and carnation with luscious accords of juicy lemon and undertones of warm sweet amber. 

    SAFFRON + AMBER MUSK is infused with Ambrette Seed Oil, Saffron Extract, Cucumber Extract, Violet Leaf Extract and Geranium Oil. A warnm msuk for fall + winter for men + women.

    JASMINE + VANILLA BEAN + TOBACCO Jasmine petals with creamy vanilla bean with musky smokey tobacco base notes.  Intoxicating and warming for men and women.

    FRESH FLOWERS + BABY POWDER  has ints of floral and fruit to accompany the tart and tangy lemon topped off with rich and creamy sugar notes of vanilla.

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personalize your own naturally-scented haircare with the highest quality blend of raw and natural ingredients. You can also choose 100% unscented if you are extra sensitive.

hair + body + face mycellar juice cleanse – the consistency is equal to micellar water formulas so as a shampoo, this formula multi multi-tasks for cleansing literally everything and everyone! It gently cleanses hair, scalp, face, and body! Your scalp will be on cloud nine after the first wash! It also multitasks as a face + body wash + bubble bath. Because it is undiluted (water-free), a little goes so far. I use the unscented version as a dog shampoo too. You can choose the unscented version and add your own essential oil blend.

rich cream ayurvedic conditioner – is intensive conditioning. It reminds me of the joico k-pak I loved growing up! If you prefer a lighter conditioner, just apply less than a dime size to palm and mix in water to dilute. Vitamin-rich argan oil + the ayurvedic herb bhringraj have been used in haircare for centuries; The result is a very silky feel. Creating your own custom scent makes for such an enjoyable haircare experience. Most formulas use a common, inexpensive emulsifier which has a fishy odour. A strong fragrance or ‘parfum’ must be added to mask the 🐟 smell. That is why you can rarely find a hair product without synthetic fragrance added.

🚿glycerin-free – in ideal conditions it can pull moisture into the hair shaft, but it can also do the opposite in not so ideal weather. If there is not enough moisture in the air, it can make hair frizzy + dry.

🚿water-free – replacing this main inexpensive filler ingredient with hormone-balancing aloe will multiple the health benefits for the hair and scalp. Because this formula is undiluted by water, less is needed per shampoo.

🚿synthetic parfum or fragrance-free – a potent hormone disruptor

🚿citric acid free – sourced from black mold




hair + body mycellar juice cleanse ingredients + benefits + tips

raw aloe vera juice*, coco glucoside, cold-pressed castor oil*, bringraj oil, nettle extract*, marshmallow root*, horsetail extract*, white willow bark extract*, gluconodeltalactone, sodium benzoate.

*certified organic


purpose: free of all scents and essential oils for adults with sensitivities or to cleanse our newborns and babies. Blend created with the highest quality of raw and natural ingredients. I combine pure essential oils that are certified Non-GMO, Vegan, and are free of parabens, DPG, glycols, petrochemicals, phthalate, artificial additives, synthetic colors, or harmful chemicals.

recommended use: spray or pump directly on the scalp, as close to as possible. A little goes a long way so apply less than you think you will need then massage scalp and lather to evenly distribute the product., apply to the scalp and massage thoroughly then rinse. again, lather a small amount in your hands and cleanse the scalp + hair. you will notice more lather and foam with the second wash. rinse and follow with conditioner. This formula is unique in that it does not disturb the delicate moisture balance on the scalp and skin all over. Yet, you will still achieve a luxurious lather and clean feel after you use this on your hair and body.

– for newborns, babies, sensitive to EO’s/aromas or overall sensitive scalp, pregnant,  this one is for you!
– safe for color treated hair.
– non-toxic, handcrafted, made with natural ingredients only, reiki infused.