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The major advantage of having a tan is it is like waking up with a foundation and bronzer already applied to your face. If you are not into self tanning, you can also do this with makeup. This will allow your ‘tan’ or bronzed look to be very strategic. You can also do this with both together which is my own personal preference so that I can create a fluent colour from head to toe.  And hat way I can still wake up with some healthy colour and then just add it when i do my makeup. It’s like the icing on the cake! That is why I immediately took to the demi method, as someone whose previous career was in the tanning industry. If I were to describe the ‘demi method’ of makeup in one word, it would be ‘colour’. If you have a tan you look healthier and more vibrant. If you already have a rich skin tone, you just want to add to that vibrancy of colour instead of going darker in depth. That is basically demi, The demi method highlights the reality that we lose that vibrant colour to our skin as we get older, or just temporarily in different seasons of weather, even when we are younger. It’s also interesting how we seem to lose colour in small little areas and then also acquire hyperpigmentation or rosacea-type redness right beside the really pale spot. So your eyes play tricks on us and we do not see the lack of vibrant undertones in the pale area, but instead we only see the extra deep colour beside it. When we try to brighten that darker area it can overlap so the pale area is even more pale and the darker area now stands out even more. It’s a double edged sword. So the thing to keep in mind is that it is easier to add colour than take colour away. When you do that first, you notice a lot of distractions actually smooth out or totally disappear all together. I can tell from the skin tone colour on her face, and then looking at her skin tone on her hands, ears, and her center part that this makeup artist  the artist has a little self tanner tint on her face. It is subtle. It COULD be an authentic tan, but I think it is self tanner. I was a spray tan artist for a few years in my twenties so I feel like I am self tan expert! If it was my caramel tan, it would be the light shade, or previously ‘2’. Also, in her palette, the colour she uses to add colour or tan are equal to sunstone cream brightener, illuminating cream tint, and he’s the one cream tint. If you are medium skin tone or darker, or if you want a deeper sun tanned look, possibility cream brightener, peace cream tint, and henna cream tint will work best!

lyndsey’s tutorial video – demi makeup as self tanner

morgan’s tutorial video – demi makeup as self tanner

My favourite look is when it is a sun-kissed tan with strategic added colour focused mainly on the upper forehead and bridge of nose, maybe even a few faux freckles – but with a little bit of sunburn mixed in there. If it is not a real sunburn its sun damage free and I think it is a beautiful look and brings back so many childhood memories of having so much fun that I lost track of time and got a little too much sun. If you want some inspiration, just look at some photos of you as a little girl in the summer or on a vacation to somewhere hot and balmy. Where did you tend to get the most colour from the sun? I also try to match the season I am in. You still want a little colour in the winter, but in the summer you can be a bit more dramatic and it will look real. Here is an example:

If you happen to naturally tan that beautiful golden brown shade like the model above, or even if you don’t, to recreate that with one of my colours, you would want to try my trifala cream shade-changer. You can see she has a touch of pink colour too. Love custom nutrition balm or he;s the one cream tint would be the perfect colours to add some pink to the darkest areas. He’s the one glace on the lips would match the colour on her lips. If you prefer a balm, peace or love balms also looks beautiful lightly tapped onto the lips

I also like to add a touch of pink or coral/orange to my already developed self tan on my face and body in certain visible areas, like the collarbone and tops of shoulders. This makes it look more realistic. For areas on the body you can apply a little colour like illuminating cream tint or sunstone cream brightener mixed with a few drops of your favourite face or body oil, or body butter. With a tan, going darker is not always going to look better or healthier. What make as tan look more realistic is when it is not perfect. This photo below looks like the spray tans I used to apply before even the bronzer or tracer colour is showered off. She may have had her makeup sprayed on too.

In the photo below she has much more subtle colour added to her face, as well as a tone of colour that looks realistic for her skin tone. If she was pale one day and a bright rust tone the next, it is less believable, and a lot more high maintenance to consistently maintain that depth of colour:

If you would like some guidance in choosing the best colours to create a demi makeup + self tan feel free to reach out to me. I also offer a detailed online consultation with a virtual makeup application included so that you can visually see want my caramel tan tint will look like on you as well as my suggestions for ‘makeup self tan’ colour placement. It is really fun and the cost is 100% redeemable in samples and full size products.

personalized consultation

caramel tan

how to use your self tanner as makeup part 1

how to use your self tanner as makeup part 2










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