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can't find the perfect gloss shade + texture? invent your own....


volumizing shine + hair tonic...

nourishing the hair + scalp! fragrance-free silicone-free glycerin-free alcohol-free water-free polysorbate-free gum-free


double your stem cells with haut cacao

the single most potent superfood supplement....


new blog posts about my unique formulas!

why I went 100% plant wax free....


fruit tallow...freshly infused into my creams + balms this spring.....

this berry fruit tallow creates an extra creamy feel with a powder finish + medicinal benefits straight from nature


well.....colour me happy!

new! fruit pigment stains with organically grown + freeze-dried superfoods 100% free of pesticides


why go 100% mica free + wax free in 2024 (the main ingredients in makeup)?

it may be for ethical reasons, health reasons, or both.....


new teas packed with whole herbal nutrition for glowing skin + glossy hair...

silica tea for skin + hair - cacao tea made of high quality cacao husks - gut-healing marshmallow tea to rebuild the gut microbiome


why go DHA-FREE in 2024 (the active ingredient in self-tanners)?...

DHA (dihydroxyacetone) blocks the body's natural ability to absorb vitamin D from the sun. It also attacks collagen + elastin fibers, promoting premature aging and wrinkle formation (PubMed).

100% wax-free {because all waxes are now processed with sulfuric acid}, petroleum dye free {made from coal tar}, mica-free {coloured with petroleum dyes + titanium dioxide}, titanium dioxide free {a carcinogen + neurotoxin linked to chronic hair loss + banned in the EU}, DHA or dihydroxyacetone-free {blocks natural vitamin D absorption from the sun}, nano-free {this particle size is damaging to our DNA}, pfas-free {forever chemicals}, magnesium stearate free {contains glyphosate + may block nutrient absorption}, vegetable glycerin free {unsafe glycerol from industrialized gmo crops}, microcrystalline cellulose free {wood chips}, silica-free {silicone}, water-free {an unknown origin means it is likely full of chemicals + heavy metals}, heat-free {which dilutes antioxidant potency}, formulas made fresh upon order…

i use only the freshest + truly unrefined plant oils on earth. My concoctions are slowly blended by hand and without heat. I add healing terpenes + soursop + shilajit + zeolite + other unique, skin-loving ingredients. I can also leave anything out if you are sensitive to it. No animal by-products are used and no animals are harmed in the making of my handcrafted products…

When I started creating my own makeup formulas in 2002, I discovered that most plant oils on the market are not even real, authentic plant oils. Even worse, makeup and skincare lines do not have to be transparent about where the olive oil or avocado oil they use in their makeup is sourced. It is also questionable how long the product has been sitting in a humid warehouse and exposed to harsh lights. If they use a third party manufacturer, they likely know very little about the quality and source of their ingredients. The rancid smell of the mystery oils can be hidden by perfumes and essential oils. When a customer reacts to the chemically processed mystery oils in their product, they are then told by a professional that they are likely allergic to coconut oil or olive oil when their product is actually devoid of anything resembling a natural plant oil. Another common cosmetic ingredient is water or ‘aqua’ but the quality and source of the water are often a mystery also, even when it is listed as the first ingredient.

haut, meaning ‘skin’ in german, is canadian-crafted and family owned and operated. my ingredients are locally grown if and when available and ethically sourced, chilled to perfection and blended up fresh before being shipped directly to your doorstep. i started creating custom natural products for family and friends in 2004 and things just grew from there. being that our skin has its own microbiome, it makes sense to use only the freshest and most nourishing and nurturing ingredients on it.

My purpose is to provide unheated, non GMO, pure organically grown, whole food ingredients. That means paying more to the grower in some cases and selling lower to the consumer in most cases. To do this I go to the source. There I learn how the food is grown and processed to ensure it is living food, farmed ethically and sustainably. Most products are shipped directly from the producer to me.

These whole food ingredients are what I prefer to use but many of them just aren’t to be found in stores, so it’s symbiotic. Many foods that are called raw in stores are not. Some are dried at very high temperatures, some nuts are heated for shelling and often they are over heated by the sun while at sea in the shipping containers to over 170F. None of my whole food and whole herb ingredients contain additives.

I am helping others as well as myself acquire the freshest and the most truly raw ingredients I can find. Quality doesn’t need to be higher priced. I use only the highest quality whole food and whole herb ingredients and now also offer those same ingredients to you. They have been grown in an earth-friendly and people-friendly way. Growing up on a farm has allowed me to appreciate what my suppliers do to provide such high quality food grade ingredients.

raw living clays


raw, wildcrafted, whole plants


certified organic whole superfoods and whole herbs


free tracked shipping worldwide on orders of $300 and over


personalized online consultation with founder and cost is 100% redeemable in product


each product is freshly made one by one upon order using sustainable production, packaging, and shipping practices


plant based formulas without third party manufacturing which could involve animal cruelty, forever chemicals, and more


the cleanest formulations possible, 100% free of plant waxes, refined oils, hormone disruptors, and with the freedom of leaving an ingredient out upon request


samples are not meant to be travel size options. the sample sizes are equal to 1-2 applications to a small area (like the face or wrist) to test colour impact, texture, coverage, and/or to test for a possible allergic reaction