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I hope these videos inspire you to try demi if you haven’t yet, and for my clients who have just completed the personalized consultation with me with a strong interest in demi, these videos will be very helpful. You may want to watch them a few times amd take notes. Even if you do not have a lot of experience with makeup, I think you are going to have a lot of fun and gain a little more understanding of how to do demi without it taking up your whole day! I recommend watching the tuturial videos below on your laptop, ipad, or ideally, your tv – the bigger screen, the better, so that you can see exactly what she is doing and the difference it makes. Also, the artist in the first two tutorials mentions using highlights from the makeup line she uses. Those would be equal to my concealing creams and it looks like she is using a shade that would be equal to the raw agave shade. If you hear the term ‘fusion‘ or ‘hybrid‘ when referring to the demi method, it is a way to do demi that still incorporates your coverage where needed.

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